When Kids Call the Shots- Sean Grover

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If you want to fix your rebellious and disrespectful child, you need to start by fixing yourself.

Are your kids pummeling you with demands and bossing you around with impunity? Have your once-precious preschoolers become rebellious, entitled, and disrespectful to authority? While there are plenty of so-called experts who might try to validate your convictions that you have done all you can to “fix” your “difficult” children, the hard truth is, they’re not doing you any favors by placing the responsibility solely on your children. Parenting struggles rarely originate from just one side. Instead, they erupt at the volatile intersection of a child's personality with a parent's own insecurities and behaviors.

In When Kids Call the Shots, therapist and parenting expert Sean Grover untangles the forces driving family dysfunction, and helps parents assume their leadership roles once again. Parents will discover:

Three common bullying styles used by kidsParenting styles that contribute to power balancesCritical testing periods in a child’s developmentCoping mechanisms that backfirePersonalized plans for calmly exerting authority in any scenarioThe solution to any problem begins with learning to control what you can control. In parenting, you’ve already learned how impossible it is to control your kids. Begin by controlling you!

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6 godz. 26 min.
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