We all come back!

The real truth about reincarnation

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During a normal therapy session an incredible incident that completely changed the author's thinking about reincarnation happened. A woman in deep hypnosis provided a report on a previous life in Frankfurt am Main so detailed that this occurrence fascinated him for years. He analysed all audio files of the sessions over a 2 year period. Thereby, he was able to create a theory about a possible mechanism of reincarnation. Furthermore, the author has succeeded in reconstructing a historical and unique account of the previous life of a woman, who was born 1877 in Frankfurt am Main and died in 1959. This book contains 489 pages of unprecedented information and statements. It answers the questions that we all wonder about: What happens after death? Will we ever see our beloved decedents again? Does karma exist and if yes, will we get punished for our actions? It also includes drawings, made by Miss B after the therapy sessions.

After reading this book you will also feel confident and say, there are no doubts anymore because

''We all come back!"



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