Unmaking Grace- Barbara Boswell

8 godz. 12 min.


Family secrets run deep for Grace, a young girl growing up in Cape Town during the 1980s. Her family secrets spill over into adulthood and threaten to ruin the respectable life she has built for herself.

When an old childhood friend emerges after disappearing a decade earlier during a clash with apartheid riot police in the Cape Flats, where South Africa’s coloured community makes its home, Grace’s memories of her childhood come rushing back, and she is confronted, once again, with the loss that has shaped her. She has to face up to the truth or continue to live a lie—but the choice is not straightforward.

Unmaking Grace meditates on the long shadow cast by personal trauma, showing the intergenerational imprint of violence and loss on people’s lives.



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8 godz. 12 min.



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Dreamscape Media

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