Tommy Dash: Was It Everything I Said?- Bill Scheft

6 godz. 8 min.


Tommy Dash, an unapologetic 60-year-old scuffling LA stand-up comedian, is trying to apologize his way back into show business, one burnt bridge and one more last chance at a time, during the last days of Pre-Trump America. Think Lewis Black, but a little angrier. Think Sam Kinison on a coke budget. Think Bill Maher, without the cable filter. Think Amy Schumer, with a slightly smaller set of balls. Think Samsonite, but with less baggage. A lot of people are waiting for their apology. Ex-wives, daughters, soon-to-be former girlfriends and three generations of fellow comics, celebrities and industry people along the redemptive path. But here's the thing with Tommy Dash. Before you may or may not get a sorry, you get a story. And as Tommy will tell you, he is in it for the stories. And so are we. Despite lovingly referring to himself as a Category 4 shitstorm, we root for him and his emerging heart. We want to hear about the wreckage, sure, but we keep hoping he'll land safely. (Cover art: JoAnna Perrin) Vintage Scheft! I loved it, but that's a given.... - Larry David (Dedicated to the late Nikki Finke, Tommy Dash's first and most steadfast friend)
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6 godz. 8 min.
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