The Near One- Hanadi A. Luethi

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The wise sun embraces her innocent skin, the kind River Nile runs through her heart's wind and wonders fill her restless mind. She is young, charming and brilliant yet she doesn't know that she is born to fulfil a certain purpose in life… She doesn't know that she is destined to make a change. In Egypt Dania lives with her wealthy muslim family and grows up attending a French nun school. In this ideal world of parity and harmony, the seeds of respect and obedience are planted in her pure soul but above all the sense of responsibility, love of humanity and the peace in the unity of hearts, however, she observes shadows in reality many thought she won't recognise. While Dania lives mastering perfection, life speaks to her in contradictions and she faces a persistent question of being and of her role in existence. Dania's remarkable talents could make any dream come true but what happens when her desires don't match with the expectations of the others? Will destiny answer to her tears of hope and her smiles through pain? And after she falls, will she be able to rise again? A journey of a father and daughter's constant challenge, a confrontation with traditions and deep comprehension of beliefs, a philosophy of love and sacrifice for the sake of what truly matters regardless what it takes. While Dania's heart longs for tenderness but tastes bitter despair, destiny gifts her with a joyful caring friendship that she never forgets, and as her mind battles with the invisible faces of fear, she receives stabs of betrayal from who she thought she knew well. When fate interferes adding burdens that she can't bear, is that a warning or a sign to guide and to heal… Destiny takes Dania not just from one place to another but within the thoughts and emotions of others. To Kenya she sails into a diverse culture & different minds discovering more about the secrets of true life and of oneself. She has only one choice and there is no return, to survive or to truly live.
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