The Magical Falcon 2 - The Falcon in Chains

- Peter Gotthardt

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The Magical Falcon


Yet another adventure with Prince Carvallo and the three children. Soon after their last adventure in the garden of the evil sorceress, Sandra, Sigurd, and Monika are visited by the prince once again. This time, however, he is the one to suffer at the hands of the evil ruler of Isengrim in the land of cold winter. Of course that our friends want to save the prince, but the fortress appears impregnable. But what if there is a secret cipher that grants access to its interior? "The Falcon in Chains" does not disappoint the fans with a lot of action, dangerous escapades, and the power of friendship.

In "The Magical Falcon", Peter Gotthardt moves from his preferred and rich elven themes and moves to the realm of the magical. Of course, magic is an important element in his entire work, but here he praises it enormously. It follows the adventures of three children, whose quite ordinary lives are turned upside down by the appearance of Prince Carvallo, who takes them to a magical land.

Peter Gotthardt (b. 1946) is a Danish writer of children’s books, mainly in the genre of fantasy. Until 2006 he worked as a public librarian, but then moved to writing books instead of lending and watching over them. His first book came in 1984, and since then has written more than 60 books. Gotthardt’s fiction is characterized by fantasy and mystical adventures, earning him a lot of literary trophies. His best known works are "The Adventures of the Elves", "The Enchanted Castle", and "The Magical Falcon".


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