The Maestro Monologue

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Beware! Listening to this audio arrangement of “The Maestro Monologue” will have a powerful impact on your health and happiness. Your new attitude will quickly disrupt that ‘unwanted mental houseguest’ that insists you are less.
Listening to this book gives you access to something you can’t get by merely reading it. The amount of value you’ll get out of this audiobook depends upon how much value you intend to get out of it. Go into it expecting to get a lot out of it, and you’’ find yourself being relentlessly purposive about who you are and what you intend your life to be about.
Rob White is an international best-selling author and intriguing philosopher. He is a remarkably discerning detective when it comes to solving the mystery of being a human being. From humble beginnings to his current status as a real estate developer, restauranteur, world traveler, and international best-selling author, he has revolutionized his vast life experiences into sound, practical advice. A well-known columnist for the Huffington Post, Rob is a sought-after speaker.
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8 godz. 51 min.



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