The Little and the Great Things Prayer- Frederic Chopin, Anton Kingsbury, Blaise



The Little and Great Things Prayer is a beautiful and moving prayer that reminds us of the importance of both the small and large things in our lives. It is a reminder that even the seemingly small things can have great meaning and importance, and that we should never take anything for granted. This prayer is also a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all things, and how our actions can impact others in ways we may never even realize.

This recording includes reading of the eponymous prayer followed by beautiful piano music based on original composition of Frederic Chopin. Piano composition includes: Nocturne in G Major, Op. 37 No. 2 — Andantino. A nocturne painted with Chopin's most ethereal brush characterised by beautiful sensuousness, luscious, soft, rounded tones, and not without a certain degree of languor. Something of the warmer Mediterranean climate gently flows into the composer's pen here perhaps reflective on Chopin's stay on the island of Majorca. And example of Chopin's music acting as an aphrodisiac. Performed by Anton Kingsbury.
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