The Holy Bible - Zechariah- King James

34 min.


After the return of the exiled Jews from Babylon to Jerusalem, prophets Zechariah and Haggai motivated the people to rebuild the temple. The people asked Zechariah when the temple would be rebuilt. Zechariah turns to the people and tells them to be true to their covenant with God, do good deeds, and not be like their ancestors; the people agree. Zechariah then has a series of 8 dreams. These visions translate to God fulfilling His promise by establishing His kingdom in Jerusalem that will be pure. He will elect Joshua to rule the land if he remains faithful to Him and will appoint Zerubbabel and Joshua to lead the rebuilding of the temple. The temple rebuilding efforts will be successful if people have the utmost faith and sincerity within them and depend on God's spirit. The visions also say that they will come to pass if the people remain true to God and obey their covenant with Him. In conclusion, Zechariah stresses the importance of the people to remain faithful, follow the path of justice and peace, and obey God.
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