The Holy Bible - Micah- King James

17 min.


The Book of Micah is a series of warnings to the people of Israel on God's behalf. At the beginning of the book, he addresses them that they have garnered wealth and power through theft and greed. He goes on to say that even their leaders and prophets were offering God's protection to the people if they could afford to pay them. He relates how God has withdrawn His protection. Further in the book, he expands upon the accusations by saying that the Israelites favor the wealthy, bend the laws after collecting bribes, and steal the land of poor people. They are violating the laws of the Torah. After delivering stern warnings and the consequences of their waywardness, he delivers to them the messages of hope: that God will establish a messianic kingdom in Jerusalem where everyone will gather in peace. He has told them what is good and that God requires them to do justice and practice mercy and humility.
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