The Heiress- Eric Hoffman

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in an entirely new world?

Heiress is not the name that her mother gave her, but it's as good a name as she could ever think up for herself. Her mother told her to stay hidden, to blend in with the crowd, and
never to ineract with people from their place of origin. Even though she has never been to her mother's homeland, she knows it well. She just doesn't understand why they had to leave...

Could it have something to do with the mysterious "innovator" that her mother warned her about? Is that why her mother left her in this strange place with only a computerized teacher to guide her? Who are all these uniquely gifted agents who are looking for her? And
when will her mother come back for her to answer all of her questions?

Until they are reunited, Heiress will have to do her best to build a life among people of a different culture. Join her in this first of a literary series of novelettes in which she works to figure out her place in a world she barely understands.

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