The Global Call To Marketplace Ministry: A Practical Guide To Ministry Outside The Church

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We are now in a season where it has become popular to use the “coined” phrase Marketplace Ministry.But many believers still aren’t quite sure what marketplace ministry is and isn’t.While everyone is called to the great commission, there is a unique group of Kingdom Believers who fit into a broad yet very specific category that includes: SoloPreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Serial Business Developers, Music & Arts Professionals and more.These believers though passionate about excellence in their career have often been disenfranchised because of how they’ve been mis-appropriately labeled and judged inside the walls of the church.In this poignant prophetic pocket-guide Dwann Holmes takes believers on a unique explorative journey regarding ministry outside the walls of the church.Though this book will indeed release confirmation if you are still searching for answers regarding your marketplace ministry calling, it also provides insight and revelation for 5-fold ministry leaders who need a better understanding of how to effectively receive and affirm, these non-traditional ministers.Yes, there is a Global Call to Marketplace Ministry that more and more believers will soon answer in this 21st century.


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