The Gift of Sobriety- Marc Allen

31 min.


This audiobook makes a perfect gift for anyone who has a history of problems with alcohol or drug abuse. Many former drinkers have found it useful to carry a collection of reasons not to drink around with them, just in case they are tempted, in a moment of impulsiveness, to take that first drink or drug.

The audiobook includes six areas: (1) Personal Reasons; (2) Social and Recreational Reasons; (3) Family Reasons; (4) Financial and Professional Reasons; (5) Health Reasons; (6) Spiritual Reasons. There is blank paper in the back for additional reasons of your own.

The first draft of this book was written by a group of people at a well-known treatment center in California. It was then revised and expanded by a second group working with the editors at New World Library. "It is our heartfelt wish," it states in the introduction, "that this little book may help you become healthy, happy, fulfilled in life — and clean and sober."
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31 min.
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New World Library
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