The Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Series: Books 7-8- Willow Rose

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Eva Rae Thomas


Multimillion-copy best-selling author Willow Rose’s new mystery series ensnares ex-FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas in some confounding murder cases. Mystery, love, and action, this series has it all. All books in this box set were instant number-one best-selling new releases on Amazon. Not Dead Yet Secrets lead to lies and lies to murder in this pulse-pounding mystery with lots of shocking twists. Has former FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas finally gotten herself in deeper than she can handle? When the body of Nancy Henry is pulled out of the water of Sykes Creek by two local fishermen, they soon realize she’s not dead - not yet. Before she disappeared, Nancy Henry appeared to have everything: a successful husband who adored her, two beautiful children, a modeling career, and a charming home in south Merritt Island with a heart wreath on the door. Now that she is back five years later, everything has changed. Her husband is with another wife, and her children are almost grown. Everywhere she turns, people are telling her the same thing: We thought you were dead. What happened to her? Nancy claims she doesn’t know where she has been. She remembers nothing after a blow to her head. She doesn’t want to talk to the investigation team led by former FBI profiler Eva Rae, who has agreed to help with this bizarre case. The sheriff’s office soon wants to give up on the case, but Eva Rae doesn’t believe in quitting. She sees fear in Nancy Henry’s eyes that makes her think she is lying to them, maybe to protect herself. What secrets is she carrying? To get to the truth, Eva Rae must get to the bottom of what really happened on that night five years ago when Nancy Henry disappeared from her home in what looked like a home intrusion. But the past isn’t always easy to dig up, especially not when someone wants it to stay hidden and will go to great lengths to make sure it does. Someone obviously tried to kill Nancy Henry. Will they come back to finish what they started? To Die For Former FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas is caught off guard by a murderous plan that sends her on a pulse-pounding race against time in this romantic thriller by Willow Rose. It is a typical Tuesday morning. Scott Benton gets up, kisses his girlfriend Sarah goodbye, and goes to work. But when he returns home from work later in the afternoon, his girlfriend of two years is gone. And just like that, Scott’s life is turned upside down. The police are after him, thinking he hurt her. His friends and family have turned their backs on him, thinking the same. Meanwhile, there is one thing Scott can’t stop thinking about: Two months before, Sarah had told him that he should go looking for her if she ever turned up missing. Eva Rae has enough on her plate as it is: a newborn baby, an upcoming marriage, and a house not big enough to fit them all. On top of it, she takes in a young girl who is in serious trouble, only adding to the strain on her family life. When Scott Benton shows up and tells her she’s his only hope in finding his girlfriend, Eva Rae is inclined to say no, but she can’t get herself to do it. Scott and Eva Rae used to date for a brief period in high school, and Eva Rae isn’t the type of person who can just stop caring about someone, especially when they have nowhere else to turn. As the investigation deepens, Eva Rae Thomas finds out what it is from her past that Sarah was so afraid of, and she’ll need all of her profiling skills in the race against time to find the girl before it is too late.
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11 godz. 14 min.
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