The Devil's Den Volume 3 (Brody Martin's Adventures)

7 godz. 24 min.

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Indian Territory, 1881. Brody Martin, at 15, has survived a gunpowder explosion, a bear attack, a panther attack, and more than one attempt on his life. But now he is wanted in Fort Smith for a crime he did not (exactly) commit, and bounty hunters are on his trail. In an effort to elude them, he finds a crack in the face of a ridge and slips into a cavern known as the Devil's Den, trapped by the men who would like to redeem the price on his head dead or alive. Separated from his closest friend Ames, a former slave and Civil War veteran, and Wolf, a Cherokee tracker and unlikely ally, Brody is left to contemplate his options and the friends and family he may never see again.




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7 godz. 24 min.



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