Tessa, Our Little Italian Cousin

- Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade

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Tessa, Our Little Italian Cousin is a children's story by Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade. Wade was an American writer known for her children's fiction. Excerpt: "About four o'clock the next morning every one was awake and stirring. There was much to be done. The vegetables and fruits must be gathered; the donkey fed and saddled; Tessa's hair must be carefully combed and arranged in two long braids, and the breakfast of hard bread and olives eaten. Tessa could not eat as much as usual to-day, she was so greatly excited. Think of it! This was to be her first trip to the great city. Her father and Beppo had told her so much about the wonderful sights there, and now she was going to look at them with her own eyes. Perhaps she would see the children of the artist. Beppo had told her of their blue eyes and golden hair. He called them little angels."



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