Spirit of Eternity- Michel Russell

7 godz. 53 min.


Michel Russell master of the gay erotic fiction Genre takes us to the exotic Island Of Papua New Guinea for a tale of torrid Sex and drama unfolding against a back drop of one of the most beautiful camp and savage islands in the world

When Marc and Frances Fairchilde a childless couple in their late twenties, move to Australia from England they do not realise that another move to Papua New Guinea will be in the offing

Marc has been offered a job with the UN little realising that life on the beautiful ,volatile YET Savage Island would be, completely changed by variety of characters coming into their lives. Some young and some old, sexy, larger than life and, set against, a volcanic background, emotions are tried and tested to the limit.
Soon Francis is returning to England after her husband is charged with murder and the dramatic story takes hold .

Soon the volcano erupts and with her husband missing presumed dead, she and the young baby, travel back to the deadly isle. Once there her baby is kidnapped and she turns in desperation to an odd couple who run a nightclub for help also seeking help of her friend Mamma Mia.
Soon the dramatic consequences and unforgettable characters unfold which include a sex change nympho—¬night club queen, two hustlers, a pair of innocent naughty twins and an inevitably raunchy lady in her eighties,

The author has woven a highly charged trilogy of characters that is very modern in an old fashioned way.
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7 godz. 53 min.
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Saga Egmont
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