Sing from Your Core- Jole Berlage-Buccellati

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This book addresses singers of all kinds, from professionals to amateurs. It is about empowerment.

The voice is different from any other instrument because it is a part of your body - emanating from your core. You are the instrument.

The core principle of this book is that joyful and successful singing has a lot more to do with body coherence, vital energy connection and embodied communication than with viewing the voice mostly from a functional perspective. Your creativity and the desire to communicate deeply are grounded in your emotions, your joy, in stillness and in the truths of your vocal body. Attempting to manipulate or force your instrument into a preconceived interpretation or preconceived vocal format often fails to produce the desired results.

This book encourages you to experiment with surrender, involvement and body awareness. One of the many benefits of this approach is that it can help to reduce performance anxiety and stage fright.

If you want to express with your own unique vocal quality, then this book is for you. If you are curious about your expressive potential, if you are curious about what your next inspirational step might be, this book is for you.
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