Shifter Chronicles: Part One: A Box Set- Crissy Smith

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Shifter Chronicles: Part One – a box set

1 - Birds of Prey Mystery and love, murder and desire… It’s going to be a rough week for the agents of the Birds of Prey shifter division.

2 - Bear Claw Beauty and grace meet muscles and tattoos. When what’s on the outside doesn’t match the inside, sometimes you just trust your instincts.

3 - Eye of the Tiger He’s about to play the most important role of his life.

4 - Coyote's Kiss One touch. One taste. That’s all it takes.

The shifters around the world have announced their presence and revealed their secrets. Birds, bears, cats, coyotes and more must work together in the new founded Coalition to protect one another. Along the way, they’ll find love, suffer loss, and show everyone what the shifters are really made of.

This spin off series to the Were Chronicles will take you into the lives of each shifter faction and prove once again that nothing is impossible when you have love.



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