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Do you want to speak the language of the publishing industry and become a more informed indie author? We’re here to help.

Getting books published is easier than ever, thanks to digital self-publishing, but learning so many unfamiliar concepts isn’t easy, especially with so much jargon to sift through. It can feel like you need to learn a new language to understand the answers to your questions. The tools, terms and acronyms evolve constantly and even for experienced indie authors, keeping up can be challenging.

If only there were a quick reference guide! Enter the Self-Publishing Glossary. After reading this guide, you will understand the latest publishing terms and common lingo used by authors, editors and others, and so be able to: Share your thoughts in any author or publishing community Break down book production processes Get better results by asking better questions Identify essential publishing tools and software Unravel marketing jargon and acronyms And more – including talk confidently to audio-producers, designers, distributors, editors, influencers, librarians, marketers and fellow authors.The information in this book is updated regularly and honed by the shared experiences of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) – the professional association for self-publishing authors – and the thousands of writers who visit ALLi’s Self-Publishing Advice Centre each month.

Based on our hundreds of blog posts, podcast episodes, and conversations with successful indie authors and ALLi advisors, this glossary will not only expand your publishing vocabulary but also give you insights into tools, technology and techniques that will make you a better publisher.

If you’re ready to become a savvier author and grow your knowledge of the publishing space, grab Self-Publishing Glossary and let ALLi help you turn your imagination into income.



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