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In this new book, Remis Family funny reminders show kids how they can organize their morning routine tasks.

Giving our kids small tasks and teaching them to express their feeling is very important.

Learning these good habits and manners will help them by:
- building their self-esteem
- giving them a positive attitude
- make them feel they belong to the family
- giving them skills to organize their life in the future
- express their feeling and apreciation for others
- get your kids to become responsible adults
- organize their present and future tasks

The Remis Family Books are children's books with a funny and easy way to show them how to achieve theses goals, by using visual reminders to create routines they can learn easily.

This is a kids books ages 6-8, but can be helpful also for younger ones, for toddlers, for older kids, and even maybe for some adults. Your family can use it as a kids chores organizer or kids chores planner in digital form.

Use this mom book to kids to help them organize their morning tasks in the best way for the family!

The Remis Family
We make children's early learning books to encourage good behavior.
(2020 Edition)
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Remis Family
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