Peach Tree Baby (Gay Romance)- Trina Solet

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Peach Tree


Living on the outskirts of a small town, busy running an inn, Andy doesn't like his chances when it comes to finding the perfect man. Plus his leg was hurt in a car crash. The scars and the limp don't help his self-confidence. Not wanting to wait before building a family, Andy skips right to having a baby.
But maybe he gave up too soon. Andy brings his baby daughter home just in time for Christmas and hires a manager to help him run the inn.
Leo Copeland is the new manager, and he's hot, built and has a take-charge attitude. When Leo and his new dog need a place to stay, Andy offers to put him up at his family home.
It's only supposed to be for a little while, but Leo is good company and he's amazing with the baby. As their attraction keeps heating up, Andy starts thinking that he doesn't really want Leo to go.
That man just fits at the inn, in Peach Tree and quite possibly in Andy Brighton's life.
They're busier than ever preparing to host the reception for Mitch and Rico's Valentine's Day wedding when a threatening message rattles them both. Will Andy realize he finally found the perfect man, or will a secret from Leo's past make him lose faith in the man he has come to trust and depend on, the man he loves?
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