My Life Across the Table - Stories from a Psychic's Life (Unabridged)

5 godz. 42 min.

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From a socialite's scandalous bedroom secrets to threats from mobsters and murderers to the heartwarming story of a wife's final gift to her husband, this book is a collection of Karen Page's most profound psychic readings and experiences. These very personal stories from real people are actually life lessons that will help readers see their life, their spirituality, and the world around them in a new light.
Karen reveals what it's like to grow up psychic, knowing what the future holds for both loved ones and complete strangers. She shares insights on the question of fate versus free will, and whether or not a psychic should tell a client if she sees death or other devastating experiences ahead. These true stories include the author's account of meeting famed psychic Peter Hurkos and living in a house haunted by the ghosts of Hollywood showgirls.


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5 godz. 42 min.



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Karen L. Page

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