Lizzie Flowers and the Family Firm

7 godz. 7 min.
Lizzie Flowers

Opis książki

1934: Lizzie Flowers has been mother and protector to her East End family, the Allens of Langley Street, since she was fifteen. Even when her doomed marriage to Frank Flowers collapses, she sacrifices her own happiness to keep the family united. But when Lizzie buys the infamous dockland's pub, the Mill Wall, she discovers she's bitten off more than she can chew. Long-time love Danny Flowers abandons her, a close friend is murdered and her adopted child Polly is threatened. Then crime lord, Salvo Vella, makes a move on the Mill Wall. Lizzie could be forced to make a pact with the devil to save herself and her family and friends...


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7 godz. 7 min.



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