Law of Attraction Affirmations- Glenn Harrold, Russ Davey, Marie Williamson

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On The Go Affirmations


A 20-minute motivational Law of Attraction workout and affirmation track by Glenn Harrold and Russ Davey. This session is part of the On The Go Workout Affirmation series and can be used whilst engaging in most types of high or low intensity cardio exercises including running, aerobics, weight training, swimming, aqua aerobics, rowing, dancing, crossfit, cycling, jumping or walking.

This title will help you to manifest your Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering goals. When every cell in your mind, body and spirit are resonating at such an intense frequency, the Law of Attraction will deliver back to you exactly what you are projecting out into the universe. You will then find new opportunities come along easily and naturally, as you will have an alignment with your chosen goal.

When you listen to this recording it is best to focus on one clear goal at a time. Once you have decided upon a goal that you would like to manifest in your life, write it down, as clarity is the key.

The universe will deliver back to you exactly what you ask for so make sure you are very specific about what you want to attract into your life and make it for the highest good of all concerned. The goal could be for success, wealth, a new career, love or an ideal partner, and so on. When you listen regularly you will feel so much stronger inside and feel empowered and feel so much more abundant in all areas of your life. You will also be asked to repeat a number of special affirmations with Glenn (you can either do this in your head or out loud.)

• A highly motivational 20-minute Law of Attraction workout session.
• Glenn's highly acclaimed vocal techniques to help you harness your energy and focus on any goal you choose.
• Stereo-echoed affirmations, which pan from ear-to-ear across the stereo range.
• High energy 135 bpm electronic dance music by Russ Davey designed specifically for The Law of Attraction.
• Powerful subliminal embedded suggestions to help you to focus on a feeling of gratitude and encourage you to expand your consciousness.


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