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What is a Chaffle?

This strange name has taken the keto world by storm. If you're a part of the low carb family, you already know what it is and most likely incorporating it into your diet, and if you aren’t, you probably should. But what is it really?

The word "chaffle" is a combination of two words; "cheese", and "waffles". It is a waffle but with its base ingredients being shredded cheese and eggs, two special ingredients highly rich in protein and fats, but surprisingly low in carbs. This dietary combination is helpful to the body, promotes weight loss and helps control diabetes.

Chaffles are incredibly versatile and when paired with the right ingredients and seasoning, can be transformed into various healthy meals and snacks that would have you feeling like you were cheating on your keto diet.

This cookbook shows concisely, how with two base ingredients, you can create a quick, healthy and mouth watering meal that fills you up and is far superior to the often recommended low fat diet. With a wide range of descriptive and well detailed categories from Seafood, Pork, Beef and even Vegan chaffles, this cookbook is all you need to get you going!

Inside this detailed guide, you’ll discover: Easy To Make, Easy To Clean Recipes. A Wide Range of Categories, We've Got You Covered! A Whopping 101 Delicious, Easy-To-Make Chaffle Recipes.. Recipes For You No Matter Your Level Of Cooking Experience
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