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JESUS CHRIST, the founder of the New Faith called Christianity, is well known on all continents and respected by the followers of various religions. He was born in Palestine and spent His childhood there until the age of 12. There is no explanation in the Bible about where He was and what He did between the ages of 12 and 29. The Roman Church was aware of it, but has deliberately kept it a secret.
He appears unexpectedly before the common people in Palestine one day as a preacher telling them about truth, principles and the purpose of life on earth in a manner they had not heard before.
India was then the country of spirituality. Historical evidences say that Jesus arrived in India when He was fourteen years old. He visited and studied in the famous Hindu Temple of Jagannath in Puri, Orissa. Jesus also visited Benares and other Hindu holy places. He was compelled to leave Puri because He protested against the caste system and animal slaughter existing in the Hindu society. Later, He visited and studied in Buddhist monasteries in India, Nepal and Tibet. He became a master in Hindu scriptures and Yoga. He preached His New Faith to the common people and was famous in those countries. He was a wanderer.
When He was 29 years old, He returned to Palestine to fulfill His mission. The Church had known about His life in India and His new doctrine containing many parables that are popular in Hinduism and Buddhism. But no mention was made of them in the Bible. Why?
Historical evidences indicate that Jesus did not die on the cross and escaped to Kashmir, India, where also He preached His New Faith as a respected holy man. He grew old and died in Kashmir.
This book contains detailed information about how Jesus was saved from the cross and escaped to Kashmir and where the tombs of Mother Mary and Jesus can be found. Historical evidences are given in this book, based on the works of erudite scholars like N. Notovitch, K. N. Ahamad, M. A. Faruqui and Prof. F. Hassnain.
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