Inside Melania: What I Learned About Melania Trump by Impersonating Her- Lauren LoGiudice

3 godz. 57 min.


Audiobook of Inside Melania, deluxe edition. Lauren LoGiudice reads the book as the first lady and, where appropriate, as her other characters. The audio landscape transports you to the absurd world of Melania Trump.
Don’t listen to a words that she say.” – XO Melania
Was Melania Trump only a model? What is she thinking when she stares lifelessly at her husband? Does she regret her decision to become a trophy piece for a misogynistic buffoon? These are just some of the questions that are not definitely answered in this collection of humorous essays.
After three years impersonating Melania Trump, actor and comedian Lauren LoGiudice is telling you everything she overheard while living in her skin. Like a regular sleuth LoGiudice gathered together all of the “actor hunches” that Melania’s spirit whispered in her ear throughout their time together and typed them up for you to enjoy. She lifts the veil of mystery around the First Lady and goes right for the jewel-encrusted jugular.
In Inside Melania you’ll laugh through the scary-but-real to the absurd as “Melania” fills in the blanks of her mysterious past with diary entries and newspaper articles, reimagines Grimm’s Fairy Tales and A Christmas Carol as allegories for her present position, unveils the subtexts of her Tweets and the secret non-meanings of her outfits, and, most importantly, reveals her secret rap fetish and Andrew Dice Clay impression. If you’re frustrated by the current political climate and need a laugh than this will be your welcome reprieve.
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3 godz. 57 min.
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