Illusion Human- Heinz Kaletsch

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Illusion human

You are much more than your body!
The fascinating book of Heinz Kaletsch - now available:

Who or what exactly is a human being? Are we just a body with a brain that has a consciousness and a spirit for the time of our earthly life and then vanishes? Is our consciousness immortal and what exactly is its purpose? Do we have a free will? Is there good and evil? What about the ego? And is today's knowledge about our brain the last word on the subject?

Not only the personal experiences of the author over many decades, but also the astonishing parallels between ancient spiritual traditions and new findings of modern mortality research and genetics, theology, medicine and quantum physics provide convincing evidence that we are much more than our human body suggests. We are immortal beings on the way to experience ourselves, in this and in still hidden worlds.

Our worldview will change completely in the next decades and lead us out of the world of mysticism into real reality and to our true selves. Be there and renew your perspective, rethink your values and accompany the author on a journey that gives an inkling that we are something much greater than a materialistic worldview can convey.

This richly illustrated book is written for those who like to be inspired, who are open to new models and who want to get a complete perspective on life. Break with the paradigm of inevitable death. We are all one with the universe and together creators of something new and even greater. Let yourself be inspired. You will change.
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