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Age: 8-9 years old Reading Level: 3rd grade

The best illustrated fairytales for children!

Once upon a time was a poor lumberjack who had two children, Hansel and Gretel. Unfortunately, he was no longer able to provide for his family and his second wife, who hated the children, said they had to abandon them.
After two unsuccessful attempts, the parents finally managed to get rid of the children, who had to survive on their own. They looked for help and found a strange house, very interesting but also very dangerous...

The collection "Once Upon a Time" offers a new and richly illustrated version of the most famous fairytales.


Once upon a time, a brother and a sister called Hansel and Gretel lived in a tiny cottage in the forest with their father, who was a poor woodcutter, and their stepmother. Their stepmother was very unkind and said they didn’t have enough food for the children.
One day, she told her husband that he must take Hansel and Gretel deep into the forest and leave them there. “They are old enough now
to take care of themselves!” said the mean stepmother.
The woodcutter who dearly loved his children was very sad. However, he had no other choice but to follow the wish of his cruel wife.

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