Great Lives: Joseph- Charles R. Swindoll

7 godz. 53 min.
Great Lives Series


In a world where faith is fading and integrity is rare, the life and legacy of Joseph shine bright, showing us that following God brings hope even in the worst of circumstances. Join bestselling author Charles Swindoll as he sheds light on a man whose tenacious faith kept him strong in the face of temptation, danger, and torment.

Great Lives: Joseph presents a fresh look at one of the most intriguing characters in the Old Testament and focuses on the virtue of forgiveness in the face of deceit and betrayal.

From his famous multi-colored coat through the jealous rage that prompts his brothers to sell him into slavery to his astounding rise to national power, Swindoll follows Joseph through temptation, imprisonment, his ascension in Egyptian society, and the brothers who deceived him.

Despite the incredible challenges he faced throughout his life, Joseph stood firm, exemplifying what's possible when ordinary people maintain their connections with God.

In Great Lives: Joseph, the third installment in Swindoll's bestselling Great Lives from God's Word series, Swindoll traces the life and legacy of a man who exemplified grace under pressure, teaching us how to:

Be quick to forgiveLive with integrityTrust God every step of the wayJoseph's story reads like an epic novel, filled with intrigue, tension, temptation, and torrential emotions--but it heartens us as we face the same kinds of difficulties today, proving that we can triumph over whatever life sends our way.

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7 godz. 53 min.
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