God Help!

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My book is a teaching book for Christians that aren't exposed to manifestations of the Spirit and things like deliverance. It is filled with personal stories, so it is not scholarly at all. I don't want it to sound stuffy. I want it to sound like a shepherd teaching his flock. I want people to be filled with hope and to believe that my tools will help them succeed in their Christian walk and that they will grow as they interact with all three persons of the Trinity. If I have all caps I want a forceful voice like the prayer chapter. Prayer can be like telling your children to turn their music down. You have to raise the volume of your voice and be forceful. For the study questions, I would like a nice flowing pondering tone. My book is about the tools that I was given by God to succeed in having a passionate and fulfilling Christian walk. I hope people will be interactive and take an active part with interacting with God.
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