Game Changer- Michael Solomon, Rishon Blumberg

7 godz. 14 min.


Highly skilled 10x talent brings at least 10 times the value to your organization. By understanding how to attract, manage, and retain these sought-after individuals, your business will become more agile, innovative, and experience transformational growth.

10xers can tackle a company’s toughest problems, improve their strongest assets, and blaze a path to success. With the rapid digitization of every conceivable product and service, the environment has transformed so fast that every organization must be equipped with these phenomenally gifted employees to keep up.

Game Changer provides proven strategies on how your company can create the right environment for top talent and breakthrough success by upending traditional business practices.

It also reveals how individuals can evolve from good to great to 10x, and enjoy the many perks and rewards this status brings.

In Game Changer, you’ll learn:

How highly skilled talent is transforming companies of all sizes and industries through real world stories and first-hand testimonies from top executives and entrepreneurs.Ways managers can become coaches that empower their team to accomplish amazing results.The unconventional business environment 10xers need for massive productivity, including deep flow states, greater autonomy and ownership, and work time flexibility.How to see yourself as both talent and management and become comfortable switching these hats.Game Changer will show you how to make an impact at work, become a highly skilled and phenomenally gifted employee, and experience the rewards and satisfaction of being 10x.



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7 godz. 14 min.



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HarperCollins Leadership

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