Elephants on Acid

The most outrageous experiments from the history of science

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The Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller

Have you ever wondered if a severed head retains consciousness long enough to see what happened to it? Or whether your dog would run to fetch help, if you fell down a disused mineshaft? And what would happen if you were to give an elephant the largest ever single dose of LSD? The chances are that someone, somewhere has conducted a scientific experiment to find out...

'Excellent accounts of some of the most important and interesting experiments in biology and psychology' Simon Singh

If left to their own devices, would babies instinctively choose a well-balanced diet?

Discover the secret of how to sleep on planes

Which really tastes better in a blind tasting - Coke or Pepsi?


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8 godz. 24 min.



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10/10 would recommend


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This book touches very interesting subjects but it would've been MUCH better if the author didn't feel the need to put a forced joke after every story. Or maybe they just don't land when read out loud. I dunno, I am nevertheless going to read the author's other books.