Care for a Dance?- A. J. Baker



This isn’t just any club, or a run of the mill strip joint. This is a moment of pure decadence that matches the black flock wallpaper. Are you tempted to ask for an extra special dance?
Hardworking by day and decadent by night, an adventurous bisexual woman discovers a haven of black leather and lace and a female dancer with the skills to make her temperature rise. Look, but don’t touch. Ah, the frustration - Until she encounters a piano and its expert player, his hands capable of making very sweet music...
This erotic story is taken from the first Cliterotica anthology, a collection of shorts featuring modern women who revel in their lusts and desires; some seek to dominate, while others wish to be dominated themselves. From the members’ clubs of London to private rooms in the suburbs, the Cliterotica collection takes us on a journey through fantasy and fetish, sex and sensuality.
This audio presentation contains extreme language and intense graphic scenes of a highly sexual nature; it is therefore suitable only for a mature, open-minded audience.


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22 min.
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