The Call of the Wild- Jack London

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Jack London's 1903 novel The Call of the Wild is a brilliant tale of resilience and adaptability, but some of the language (which includes words such as brumal, ferine, obdurate, remonstrance and pertinacity) puts a handbrake on the flow of the story. To counter that, Rob Redenbach edited London's original work and recorded an audiobook that lets you sit back and enjoy the story – without needing a dictionary on your lap.

Narrated with an authenticity that brings the author's graphic descriptions to life, The Call of the Wild challenges and inspires in equal measure. Set in the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s, this modern edition of a timeless classic captures the stark reality of nature at its worst – and best.

The best-selling author of What I Didn't Learn at Harvard, Rob Redenbach is a talented and versatile communicator. Listed by Business Review Weekly as one of Australia's top-10 conference speakers, Rob's first audiobook Poetry For Men (who thought they'd never like poetry) was described by award winning journalist Melissa Doyle as "A beautiful idea and a fabulous voice".
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3 godz. 13 min.
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