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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a muse to a great artist? To have every inch, every curve scrutinized, adored, immortalized in paint and canvas - and to be beyond physical reach to all but the artist. If only you could touch or hold the woman you idolize. For one afternoon and two lust-filled women, it’s a dream come true. Don’t hold back, let the desire rise and have the softest paintbrushes to hand...
This erotic story is taken from the first Cliterotica anthology, a collection of shorts featuring modern women who revel in their lusts and desires; some seek to dominate, while others wish to be dominated themselves. From the members’ clubs of London to private rooms in the suburbs, the Cliterotica collection takes us on a journey through fantasy and fetish, sex and sensuality.
This audio presentation contains extreme language and intense graphic scenes of a highly sexual nature; it is therefore suitable only for a mature, open-minded audience.




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16 min.




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B69 Audio

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