Begin With WE

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WE do the right thing.
WE own our mistakes.
WE pick each other up.
WE challenge each other.
WE obsess over details.
Apathetic. Disengaged. Insecure. Afraid. These are words appropriately associated with many aspects of Corporate America.
In Begin With WE, leadership expert Kyle McDowell examines the root causes of dysfunction in business, highlighting the plague of a “me-oriented” paradigm, and provides the remedy with his framework, The 10 WEs. These guiding principles are the cornerstone of Kyle’s leadership philosophy and establish the foundation required for a Culture of Excellence. Kyle’s inside-out approach cultivates courageous “WE-oriented” leaders who recognize the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Transform apathy into optimism and fear into fulfillment with this real-world guide for creating authentic leaders and higher-performing teams.



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7 godz. 12 min.



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