Becoming Famous- Jack Goldstein

31 min.
21 Strony
Twisted Tales of Terror


Claire Delaney is a typical young teenage girl who likes nothing more than reading the latest gossip about what the celebs have been up to. Her ultimate dream is to become a famous A-list star, but without any real talent to speak of a dream it must remain - according to her mother, at least. Things aren’t so clear-cut these days though, and one does not necessarily need to be a skilled actress, singer or model to become famous. Sometimes the stars align and people get what they wish for… but is Claire truly prepared for the consequences?
This twisted tale is written by master of teenage terror Jack Goldstein and is expertly narrated by Andrew Baldwin. It will make a perfect addition to the collection of any young horror fan; the question is… dare you listen?
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31 min.
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Jack Goldstein Books
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Jack Goldstein Books
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