Battle of Bands- Paul Milnes

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In the early to mid-’80s, Archie and Lucy Saunders live on their farm
near Netherby, a small town, where 12-year-old Lucy witnesses
her mother’s death from a tragic horse-riding accident. Concerned
about his children’s futures, their father relocates them to the
hustle and bustle of North Melbourne to a private Catholic school.
But this new life isn’t enough to save Lucy. Forever infuenced
by her mother’s death, Lucy spirals out of control into the deep,
dark, twisted underground in Melbourne. Meanwhile, Archie
reaches for the stars to win the Battle of the Bands competition
and fulfll his dream to follow in his father’s footsteps as a singer
and entertainer. The competition winner has an opportunity to
support the biggest band in Australia and the chance for his band
to perform live on Countdown. There's only one thing stopping
them, an arch-rival band who has the same agenda.
‘To win at any cost.’
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