Arcanium: Part Three: A Box Set- Aurelia T. Evans

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Arcanium: Part Three – a box set

7 – Funhouse What’s wrong with a little harmless demonic circus fun?

8 – Haunted Neve's getting into the creepy, sexy spirit of demon hands in inappropriate places—claws, teeth and an incubus who agrees to just date for a while. Despite her initial trepidation, the dark circus of Arcanium is growing on her.

9 – Skeletons Arcanium has more than a few skeletons in its closet…

Welcome to Arcanium, the Circus of Lost Souls. Stay a while and feast your senses on the world-famous collection of human oddities and marvels, with death-defying daredevil acts and breathtakingly beautiful performances of strength and skill.

Unbelievable talent, undeniable passion, unspeakable horror! You won’t believe your eyes!

Just take care not to make a wish in front of the fortune teller or threaten any of the cast, or else the denizens of this demonic circus will ensure there is hell to pay. Literally.

These are the stories of the cast of Arcanium—and the wishes that bind them there.

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